Saturday, 26 January 2013


Alhamdulillah and very thankful to ALLAH for given me chance to get breath today...

Today, m.carrot wanna to share abOut my parent.

How lucky you are that still have both mom n dad.
For those who didn’t has mom n dad anymore,you didn’t has to cry n blames the fakes.
m.carrot thinks that something happen must be the reasons.

I’m lucky person that still both my mom n dad.
Both are very caring n lovely.
Eventhougth i’m already be universitier,
My mom still calls me every morning to make sure that i wake-up early  n didn’t  get late for attending class.    # it’s sound independent daughter.
My mom n dad didn’t punish me without any relaven reason.
Mum n dad didn’t push me to study to hard because they know that my limit.
Mum n dad alway give me motivated words.
They always be besides me.
They stop my cries,
They make me smile,
N they make i wanna to go toung n simple life tomorrow...


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