Tuesday, 15 April 2014


[3.08 A.M] say AlhamdulilAllah for this chance.

HOMESICK??? yes! I am. Again... IBU. you were tested by some emotional issues. Be in the family in-law who not sincerely like you is bitter moment in your life. I know it. But, for this moment, I only your daughter that useless and did not have anything. I did not have anything that can be proud of you. I just can pray that all gonna be ok and fine. I know that you are strong mom eventhough you are far from your family. I promise that when I finished my degree, we will stay to KL back as our plan.  
Ayah! I am proud of you. Let be bygone bygone. this time for start new life. I have learn many things from your problem. 
  1. Be what you wanna to be..not follow others eventhough they are your family. 
  2. Choose our friend carefully. A true friend sticks with you through hard times but fake friend will leave when things get to hard. And I noticed that Ibu is Ayah's best friend. She always be on your side eventhough she has to stay in this critical condition. I know that Ibu can confronted this moment by your side.
  3. Money can buy love. love either from you own family or friend. when you did not anything, you can see who is truthly sincere in relationship. 

for Ayah : 

Lastly before I sleep, 

 actually for both of you mom and dad :)

  sincerely from your daughter , 

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