Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Yeah!! First class for electronic and photonic 1..

[9.56 a.m]
-Wait for prof to start the lecture. Before she started the class,she asked who are in engineering physic course.. And she said "you are most welcome to this course".

Then,she said strictly that "for those who not engineering physic,you are not welcome!" She keep on repeating that statement until made me to think somethings.
"why we can't take this course?" 
"what different between they and us?"
"we took almost the same subject last semester except optic that provide 2 unit for yhem and i took material sc which provide 3 unit.Luckily,my png survive above 3.0"

I don't want to tell all of you about my png, but I wanted to tell that 'sometimes,we can got better result than them.' Thats why I don't want to drop this subject. YUP! I actually challege your mood my dear lecturer! Sorry because I will be one of the people who you annoyed. Sorry because I won't drop this course and tq for challenging me more .. I hold my word. :) 

I don't want to be somebody who proud with his/her achievement, but I just to cheer me up with your downful word. I know that you are more experience than me. I sure that you know, if I not took this subject as elective subject this current semester, I have to take this subject for next semester II too. So, I will pray for me as well as my friend for miracle happen. Score this subject and change your opinion about other physic's major courses. :) Again. I'm nothing without your knowledge. God knows everything and I sure that every cloud has silver lining. #feelguilty #sorry 
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